AAYYOOOO GUTTED GANG!! WE ARE BACK IN MOTION for 2019!! 2018 has definitely been a year of transition and elevation. So guess what, WE ARE CLAIMING OUR HARVEST THIS YEAR!

Quick recap, I:

  • Finished my grad school thesis and graduated from UT-Arlington in May 2018

  • Moved to the DMV at the end of May 2018

  • Began my career as a city planner- Chile this was a journey in and of itself! Stay tuned to future posts

  • Overcame some serious physical and mental health challenges

  • Lost some loved ones

  • Started my journey of learning who adult christie is and should be

  • Developed some amazing friendships

  • Gained a whole new outlook of life

To most, it looked like I had it all together but let me tell you what! I didn't. But the good Lord had and STILL has a plan, yes'm!!

Posts for this year will touch on a few of the things I experienced and learned from, but not to just be spilling tea. I want to help my fam understand that we are human and are experiencing human events together! No one is alone, despite how it feels in that moment! If I can provide some insight in how to approach, address or overcome some things, I'll spill whatever tea is necessary!

Over the course of this year, Gutted Fitness' "In My Mind" blog will help you:

  • Detox physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that you are able to approach situations more objectively and with a clearer mind

  • Define who you are and how you want your life to be (within your control). Posts will feature Gutted Gang Guests. Our fam will share their stories, resources, their approaches to situations and things to consider to help you better navigate life and challenges

  • Unwind and find new outlets to live your best, peaceful life! Posts will share dope activities or events to participate in, pinpoint hotspots for the turn up in different cities or even events you can hold with your friends and fam in the comforts of your own home! You know I'm cheap too so all of the suggestions will be penny friendly.

For 2019, Gutted Fitness's goal is to help everyone find their peace and a family to share concerns and ideas. 2018 left a lot of us stressed and pressed chile. We worked too hard and overcame too much to not enjoy life in 2019! Claim it, Receive it, Walk it and Talk it!

I charge you to take a selfie for the gram and make this pledge for 2019:

"In 2019, I will get Gutted and overcome my past, take control of present, and prioritize my peace. I come first! #GuttedGang19"

It's our season baby!!!

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