Hella Black. Hella Proud. Never Backing Down.

Gutted Gang, you already know wassup and why I'm here. #BlackLivesMatter. Periodt.

We are bout sick and tired of the "aint shit" narratives they are trying to put on us so that they can continue shoot up our spots, hunt us down and keep their knees on our neck. They love our blackness so long as they have control. But Ahht Ahht! That stops with this generation, Gutted Gang. We wont stand for it.

So what is Gutted Fitness doing about it? Besides protesting and keeping the black dollar within the black community, Gutted Fitness continues to help you, our fellow, black Gutted Gang family realize who tf you are--- AN EXTENSION OF THE DIVINE!

If you look throughout the history of black folk in America, they've--white folk-- have always tried to convince us otherwise, making us slaves and calling us everything from jiggaboo, nigger, and _____ (fill in the blank with the other million derogatory slurs). On top of that, they've designed EVERY PART of the American government and culture to reinforce black bondage so that they can KEEP ON stepping on, exploiting and stripping the black residents of their humanness.

But you know what, like a rose in concrete, Black folk are UNDEFEATED, RESILIENT AF and CONSISTENTLY thrive in any environment. And though we are unfuckwithable, though we are some mf demigods, we aint taking this shit no more mistreatment. We demand better.

Thanks to our ancestors and their fight, we've been able to reclaim our lives, bodies and identities to an extent and have definitely made great strides. But there is still work to do, like unpacking generational mental and emotional trauma and learning new ways of having community and living in a mental space that serves us better in our adult lives.

That's what Gutted is here for, to walk with you through this adulting journey as a black citizen of these States. Becoming an adult is already hard, but trying to do so while:

  • having goals that challenge the family's usual way of living and principles

  • being constantly exploited then kicked down and fought because of a hating mf AND

  • dealing with the mental and emotional trauma from the exploitation, family culture and generational curses

is for the mf birds. It's truly exhausting.

I'm not gone lie, the Gang can get kinda deep and some of the lessons will be painful.

Just know you aren't alone GuttedGang. This blog will continue to walk you through some of life's lessons and experiences, ways to navigate life and will even validate you in your humanness and blackness. OOO and we gone kick it too! (Secret Alert: Gutted Retreats coming soon). Here, you'll find a safe space to just be, to vent and be vulnerable, to be heard, to evaluate and to move on in peace and genuine happiness. Here, we will Detox. Define. And Unwind.

Like for real, imagine a flower blooming to its fullest potential, except the flower is you! Imagine having every type of support you need to thrive and experience peace. Imagine using the power you have to create the life you used to only imagine having. Imagine what it feels like to relax, to exhale and not give a fuck and it be ok. Imagine

moving more freely and making better decisions because you have so much clarity and confidence. Imagine being the happiest you've ever been more often. Mmmm Hmmm! Welcome to the GuttedGang! A Community and a safe space to do life.

We all we got mane! So let's do it together. Oh! And as you play your role in our fight for justice system reform and social equity reform, know the GuttedGang is here and ready to support you however we can. Let us know in the comments how we can show up for you and what topic has been at the front of your mind.


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