Merry Christmas from your Gutted Gang

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Merry Christmas Gutted Gang!!

Tis the season for love, appreciation, community, and reflection. 2018 came with a lot of riff raff and confusion, nationally, locally, and even in our own homes. But lots of positives emerged as well. Take the time to reflect on all of the gifts 2018 gave you and how equipped you are to tackle 2019. Also, be appreciative of your privilege and find opportunities to spread love and assistance to those not as privileged as you on this holiday and winter season!

I want to give my love to everyone who has kept up with Gutted Fitness and me as an individual. I am truly grateful for all of my readers, family, and friends that have and continue to support me in my journey because chiiiilllleee, though it was a season of elevation, 2018 challenges were intense. I definitely could never have done it without you all, my Gutted Gang.

I am excited for what this new year will bring. For 2019, Gutted Fitness's goal is to help you find your peace and a family to share concerns and ideas with. 2018 left a lot of us stressed and pressed chile. We worked too hard and overcame too much to not enjoy life in 2019! Claim it, Receive it, Walk it and Talk it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gutted Gang! I hope this Christmas finds you at peace, surrounded by those you love and that love you, filled with a lot of fun and laughs, and the New Year bring peace, health, and prosperity.

-Ya fee me!?

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