What is Gutted Fitness?

It's no secret that as black people, we work 10x harder to climb the ranks and secure the bag but are still a labeled threat. On top of that, family and hood politics leaves us confused, frustrated and anxious as we shift into black adulthood.

Gutted Fitness promotes wellness for young black adults. Our method of supporting black excellence comes by highlighting the various experiences of the black community and encouraging those that seek to be trailblazers to “Get Gutted”.

Followers of Gutted Fitness, known as the Gutted Gang, will be empowered to:

  • Unravel and combat strongholds that create negative habits and behaviors in their life.

  • Discover self-care techniques, with an emphasis on stress management, that can be used to prioritizes a self-defined, high quality of life.

  • Join and/or develop a community to “do” life with.


Gutted Fitness unites individuals through our shared black experiences. We explore adulting, alternatives to poor coping habits, life and stress management, emotions and triggers, quality of life and self-care practices. Since we know that the Black community isn’t ne dimensional, programming is designed to account for those with varying interests, such as physical fitness, creative arts, financial literacy and more.


What's the WORD!?

A Word From the Founder

Hi! I’m Christie Renee! 

I started Gutted Fitness on the basis of a traumatizing but common experience...a breakup.

Yeah, go ahead and clown me, but while you're at it, think about how that can have a mental toll on an individual. Then think about how that grows to negatively effect the body, mind and overall quality of life/happiness. That’s what happened to me. WTF was life?

As I went through that dark time, I discovered that the pain wasn’t about the person that was no longer in my life. I quickly learned that it stemmed from facing new realities and confronting mental and emotional wounds that resurfaced from my childhood. The shit sent me into deep depression.“ However, my misery transformed into self-reflection as I began to think, "What do I need to learn and unlearn about life and myself?”

Now, I ain't got all the answers but I'm here to show you that you're not alone in the bullshittery of life. Contrary to what you believe, you can be happy and at peace without having to sacrifice self. 


My pain turned victory and passion for elevating the black community, creates this safe space for black urban folks.

As you explore the Gutted Fitness Community, you’ll walk through a full wellness experience that touches on a variety of topics that affect the black community. You’ll learn about alternatives to coping with poor eating, physical inactivity, drug and alcohol abuse and even suicide. Though Gutted highlights physical activity as a form of stress release, we'll explore other options for coping, like playing an instrument, coloring or producing art work and more to help you find your peace.

Certifications: AFAA-CGF, BOSU, CPR

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