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Dinner Menu


A diverse range of flavorful dishes which are all sourced daily and locally

Steak & Potatoes

6oz-8oz Sirloin all purpose seasoning
-3oz broccoli
-3oz sweet potatoes, cinnamon
*Chimichurri & Lemon Thyme butter
Calories: 501
Fat: 13g
Carbs: 43g
Protein: 50g



Sea & Field

-6oz Salmon all purpose seasoning
-3oz garlic mash, salt, pepper
-3oz grilled veggies squash/seasonal
*Lemon Thyme Butter
Calories: 623
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 91g
Protein: 36g



Chicken & Rice

-6oz chicken all purpose seasoning
-1.5 mixed rice brown, quinoa
-3.5oz grilled veggies, zucchini, squash
*Teriyaki Sauce
Calories: 494
Fat: 7g
Carbs: 50g
Protein: 60g



Anime Rice Bowl

-5oz veggies
-5oz rice
-3oz egg, carrot, broccoli, onion mix
*Low Sodium Soy sauce

Calories: 615
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 111g
Protein: 20g


Gluten free
  • Why Choose The Zone Over Other Gym
    At The Zone, true fitness goes beyond just physical strength. The Zone is not just a gym; it's a sanctuary for change-makers, dreamers, and those breaking free from generational curses. Here's why you should choose The Zone: 1. Fitness that Transforms: In the Zone, we don't just build muscles; we shatter limits and rewrite narratives. With personalized attention during programs like the inspiring group classes, and a supportive community, the team is here to guide you to your peak potential. 2. More than a Gym: The Zone is your haven for growth, empowerment, and resilience. Beyond physical gains, we nurture mental well-being, supporting better coping habits, stress management, and holistic growth. 3. Community that Empowers: Join a tight-knit community that values trust, accountability, and collaboration. Together, we rise above societal pressures, empowering each other to craft lasting legacies of transformation. 4. Your Safe Space: At The Zone, you'll find the safe space you've been yearning for. It's where you can challenge yourself, test your limits, and shatter personal records without judgment. 5. Affordable Transformation: Wellness should be accessible. Say goodbye to silent suffering due to unaffordable therapy, lack of transportation or even just gym acumen. The Zone is your convenient path to a healthier you. 6. Fun and Functional Release: Tired of traditional gyms? The Zone offers engaging fitness games, nostalgic activities, and creative outlets. Exercise becomes an exciting part of your day, making it easier to commit, find motivation and accountability. 7. Guided Self-Care: Juggling work, activism, or entrepreneurship? The Zone provides guidance and support for a balanced lifestyle, helping you excel in every facet of your life. Join The Zone, where fitness transforms, and communities thrive. Break curses, nurture growth, and build thriving businesses. It's more than fitness; it's your lifeline. Get in your zone today!
  • Who is this for?
    If you: - Hate big box gyms, - Waste too much money on an unused gym membership, - Need workout guidance, - stay motivated and workout better with an accountability partner, - want personal training-like quality and attention at a cheaper rate, and/or - are looking for a place to manage your mental health-- release, recover, and elevate so you can keep going, Get in the Zone. This is your gym to pour into yourself, find community support, and grow.
  • Where is the Zone? How do I get to it?
    The Zone is on the lower level of the Malone Apartments, located a couple blocks from highway 40 and Jefferson, two blocks north from Beffas Bar, and two blocks south from Omen Coffee or Latte Lounge. Click here for a tour on how to get to the Zone once inside the Malone. If you're taking public transit, the nearest bus stops are at Jefferson @ Olive NB (Route 4), Jefferson @ Washington SB (route 4), and Olive @ Leffingwell WB (Route 10). The nearest Metro station is Civic Center. Use the nearest scooter or walk 30 minutes (1.3 miles) via S 18th St and Locust St-- just think of it like the warm up before the warm up. If you drive, just park and pay any of the meters outside of the building. Click here for a tour on where to park.
  • Any Age or Fitness Level Restrictions?
    We welcome all fitness levels, but health restrictions may require medical clearance. Our services cater to adults aged 18 and above.
  • How do I reach out for additional information or support if I have questions?
    Just hit me up! Email, contact form, Instagram DMs-- just hit me up!
  • Where can I find the class schedule?
    You can find it here.
  • Are there any additional wellness services or programs offered, like meal prep or personal training?
    The Zone is prides itself as a continual work in progress. Stay tuned for additional services like personalized training options. Meanwhile, savor chef-prepared, delivered meal preps, fueling your body and mind.
  • What is the policy for guests or bringing a workout buddy to the gym?
    We want you to bring the crew! Refer a friend with your coupon code for 2 classes at the price of 1. Be mindful though, class size is capped at 8, mainly due to space. BUT, limited space ensures serious participants get the most from each session.
  • What types of fitness programs and classes do you offer?
    We focus on mobility and functional fitness to support your physical and mental strength and resilience. Group classes like Game Day Bootcamps have a competitive component, allowing you to discover and challenge your limits. Click here to view class options and schedules.
  • How do I add my allergies to my order?
    The online form asks you to share allergies before placing an order. In fact, you cannot proceed without sharing allergies.
  • What are the membership options and pricing? Are there any additional fees beyond the membership cost, like initiation or maintenance fees?
    Become a member by selecting a class package. No hidden initiation or maintenance fees. It's a cost-effective way to stay motivated and committed to your fitness journey.
  • Why can I only book up to 12 classes. What do I do if I want to book more?
    We limit bookings to 12 classes because research and fellow hustlers show most work out 2-3 times a week. We're not into wasting time or money. The goal is to maximize time and performance; If you need more classes, email us for more options!
  • Can I Adjust or Cancel My Membership?
    Life happens, no worries. Cancel anytime. We're here when you're ready.
  • Why are plans so expensive?
    The plans are actually on the lower end compared to other semi-private fitness studios. The average cost of a group fitness class in St. Louis is $25. The average cost of a personal training session or a small group, semi-private session ranges from $70 and $100/hour or per session and can go as high as $250 per session in St. Louis. This often does not include accountability partners, access to an online community and online fitness program, or discounts to events and other Gutted Fitness LLC services and services from partners in the Gutted Fitness network.
  • Can I pay for classes using my FSA or HSA?
    Possibly. The IRS considers health club and gym membership fees “general health expenses,” and not something that qualifies as having a primary purpose of treating specific medical conditions. Unfortunately, this means gym memberships are not considered FSA eligible without an LMN. BUT If your doctor or other medical practitioner recommends exercise at a gym or a weight loss program to treat a specific medical condition, these may be FSA eligible with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). If you have a medical condition, such as obesity, and a doctor requires you to work out or join a regimented weight loss program, they can create an LMN for your benefits administrator that could allow you to cover the healthcare expense with your FSA dollars. Good news is that some physical recovery tools like massage guns, compression massagers and muscle recovery creams are FSA/HSA eligible. Consult with your physician and benefits administrator before purchasing a class pack. More information on eligible FSA/HSA uses can be found here:
  • I heard there are monthly giveways. Is this true?
    Absolutely! Gutted Fitness teamed up with some local vendors to giveaway free services to everything from dance classes, chiropractor or therapy cost coverage, a week of meal preps, massages and more. You have to be a member to participate in the giveaways.
  • How do I become a member?
    All you have to do is purchase a plan or join the online fitness program! That's it. We won't complicate things!
  • How does the service work?
    Gutted X The Table takes the stress out of healthy living. We provide fresh, ready-prepared meals that support even the busiest of lifestyles! Our team of dietitians offers nutrition coaching programs to help you crush your goals. How it works: 1. Savor the Variety. Choose from our 5 base meals every week, spiced up with specialized menus monthly, all crafted with premium ingredients from our trusted partners. Place your order by Tuesday, 11:59 pm to get it by Sunday! 2. Chef's Care. Our gourmet chefs at The Table STL craft every meal with care for your busy lifestyle. 3. Heat.Fuel.Go! No prep, no mess. Our meals are ready to heat and eat, saving you time and keeping you fueled and healthy even on the busiest days. Learn more at
  • Why choose Gutted X The Table?
    We provide fresh, ready-prepared meals that support even the busiest of lifestyles. Clean eating without the hassle, so you can look great, feel amazing, and have energy and focus.
  • Are the meals fresh or frozen?
    Our meals are always fresh. Once received, place them in the fridge or freezer immediately. Good for at least 5 days (expiration date on the label) if refrigerated.
  • Where is the food sourced?
    Our animal proteins are sourced from local farms and farmer in Missouri, Kansas, or Tennessee. All of our produce come from St. Louis local farmer’s markets (Summit Produce & Soulard Farmer’s Market)
  • How do I skip a week or change my meal plan?
    As of now, meal preps delivery orders are not recurring. To skip a meal, simply don't order. To change, send an order modification or email to by Tuesday 11:59 pm.
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