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TThe Emotional State of founders and entrepreneurs

Navigating the path from financial stability to personal growth often feels like chasing a distant dream. The Startup Snapshot report sheds light on the toll entrepreneurship takes on well-being, with 72% of founders experiencing mental health impacts and 54% feeling stressed about their startup's future. Despite accolades like EQ's #2 "Best Cities for Entrepreneurs" and Inc.’s top 50 ranking, St. Louis grapples with racial, wealth, and wellness disparities. While boasting an 85.3% business survivability rate, 20% of small businesses fail within the first year, with 55% in Missouri not employing anyone after four years. As Greater STL Inc. strives for inclusive growth, mental health crises, especially among Black individuals, persist. This raises questions about the support available to entrepreneurs.

The mental State of entrepreneurs

Get Gutted

Understanding this, Gutted Fitness aims to guide and support founders through emotional and financial well-being. Through our Blog and Moment Products, we facilitate introspection, while The Zone offers a physical outlet. As we serve our founders and entrepreneurs, we seek to understand the emotional state of founders in St. Louis, the impact of stress on their lives and the local economy, and how best to support them.


Check out what some supporters had to say.

Confident Woman

DeE, member and Supporter

Gutted Fitness is a connector. It's where we get the resources we need to lock in, release and make space along my journey. 


Coop, member and Mentor

As a man, we go through a lot daily and we have to find ways to dodge and avoid it. We repress our emotions. Gutted Fitness provides that productive release therapy we need.


Deanna, Member and Investor

Changing the game is not for the faint of heart. The Zone helps us stay on! 

Fuel a Founder, Propel St. Louis

Your support can help us create healthier realities for entrepreneurs and Greater St. Louis, fostering a community where well-being is prioritized, and success is sustainable. 


Fuel a Founder 

One of the main barriers to accessing wellness services is the cost of services. Break the barrier by sponsoring an unlimited membership plan at the Zone for $160 or have (5) meal preps delivered for founders, clients and staff.


Book Gutted Fitness for Services or Products!

Tailored programs, products, and services cater to entrepreneurs' emotional and business needs. Order to support wellness in your ecosystem.

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Cover a Cost

Wellness should be free, yet it costs to provide wellness services. If you want to support any of Gutted Fitness programs, products and services, feel free to cover a cost.


Be A Partner

Alone, we achieve. Together, we excel. Let's partner to reduce the the impact of stress on the well-being of founders and boost the St. Louis economy. 

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