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The Blue Zone is a multipurpose studio. This is where group fitness classes happen. It is available for use and for booking as long as there aren't any scheduled classes.

The Black Zone is the weight room for those interested in weight training. This room is available for use and for booking for those looking for a space to offer personal training or create content. 

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Malone residents can enjoy a special 15% discount on Zone memberships, apparel, meal preps delivered directly to The Zone and more. Complete the form to access your resident perks.

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Welcome to Gutted Fitness, the premier strength and conditioning and wellness gym in St. Louis, MO.

Your business, your grind, your hustle—it all thrives when you're at your best. You deserve your best. Get in the zone and unleash your peak performance. Our revolutionary approach optimizes mental health through energy-focused workouts that reduce and release stress and strengthens your mind and body.  If you're burned out from juggling demands or looking for that moment of peace, revelation or clarity, it's time to get in the zone!

Interested in offering a class or booking an event? Let's Partner! Click here to get started. 

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