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You’re ok! You just need a moment! To just do you! Every time you need a moment, take it! Take your moment to be you, to do you, to let go, relax, clear your mind, to grow.

A Gutted Moment box

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.96Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • What a moment comes with:

    • 📦A reusable box to stash and protect your peace for whenever you need a moment.
    • 📓Gutted Affirmations Coloring Journal. Detox, define, unwind to unlock peace and manifest money trees with the 14, raw, blackity black, relatable affirmations and images and space to spill your thoughts about the journal prompts. 
    • 🖍🖍Faber-Castell World Colors Pencil set. Add color to your vision, featuring melanated, skin-tone colored pencils. YES, it comes with a sharpener too!
    • 🕯Incense. Clear the energies in the room, chill, and slow down your thoughts. Perfect for calming the anxious days when you need to be in the zone.
    • 🎶🎧 Mood-Matching Playlists. Feel all the feels, I got a vibe for that.
    • 🍿Snacks. Bang a healthy snack for them munchies you bout to have.

    What can you gain from a moment:

    • 😖 You'll be way less stressed.
    • 💡You'll know yourself better.
    • ♟You become more level headed, focused and calm.
    • 💡You see the path forward better and your grind kicks up to a whole new level.
    • 🧘🏽‍♀️ You find new ways to self care and self sooth. You know, manifest multiple streams of peace.
    • 🎶You feel seen, with the playlists that say exactly what you been thinking and feeling lately.
    • 🍿You get a new snack to enjoy when you have a snack attack or need a boost.
    • 👫🏽You find your crew-- somebody feels where you coming from!

    KEEP YOUR MOMENT! Just like you wouldn’t throw away a moment to be great, don’t throw your box away. Add items to your box that helps you woo-sah, that welcomes peace, love and clarity. Things like:

    • 🖼 picture of a loved one
    • 🌳 herbal essences
    • 🎾 stress ball/ fidget toy
    • 💍 jewelry or relics that hold special memories
    • 📳 sneaky link toys
    • 🧃🍿your fav snacks
    • 👃smells that bring you to a good feeling
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