12 Things they do and don’t tell you about getting slim thick (Weight loss)

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

A-ight, so boom. Summer’s here. Sun’s coming out more so you’re generally in better spirits. You got some trips in mind and tryna make this summer a vibe. So you decide you’re gunna lose umpteen pounds so you can be out here flexing, saucey with the drip. Next step: Hit google for all the hacks for weight loss, cuz you so serious and not finna play with nobody all Summer 2k19.

Before you order the tummy tea, let me give you the gist and tell you 12 of the many things they do and don’t tell you about this weightloss journey. DO: They do tell you that it’s an attainable goal (Yaass) that you can achieve in no time (Lies). DON'T: They don’t tell you that healthy weight loss takes time. Yes, you may initially see rapid weight loss due to diet change. But understand that it may take 12 weeks of consistency and discipline in clean eating and fitness to lose 25lbs. That’s very attainable, but not in the 2 weeks before your birthday cruise.

DO: They tell you that weightloss is 80% diet, 20% physical activity. Clean eating will produce results quicker than doing physical activity alone. DON'T: They don’t tell you that you can do this deliciously without having to eat baked chicken, broccoli, and brown rice for lunch and dinner after an egg and one piece of toast for breakfast for a month. GUTTED GRUBS MEAL PLAN PLUG.

DO: They do tell you that good health and physical activity improves your mental health and can improve your quality of life, possibly leading to a longer life. DON'T: They don’t tell you that some days you’re going to be tired of this shit and will want to just eat the whole lemon cake or throw that fit. And that’s ok!! You’re human! Take that day if you think you can handle it responsibly. Then get right back on it. Learn how to keep going mentally and physically.

DO:They do tell you that you’re going to have to sweat and get your heart rate up to at least 80% of your maximum heart rate to see improvements in health and physique. DON'T: But they don’t always tell you that CrossDeath, I mean CrossFit is unnecessary. You can have fun and see just as much mental and physical weight loss by taking your local twerk class, going to skate night, hooping or organized games like quidditch… you know… that Harry Potter game.. yea.

DO: They do tell you that once you meet your weightloss goals, you’re the next thang popping! And that you should be out here celebrating, naked and living your best life. DON'T: While that’s all true, they don‘t tell you that you have to maintain that shit. That if you don’t adopt clean eating and fitness as your new lifestyle, you gone just be thick… and you might get thicc with the two C’s.

DO: They do tell you that if you get slim thick but gain weight again, that you’re a failure. That’s not true. DON'T: They don’t tell you that weightloss is a cyclical pattern that you should be free to experience. We are human in a world that constantly changes. You’re going to have good days and bad days. As long as you’re able to reset, live your best life.

Now I'm just delivering the message, as a certified trainer and what not. Don’t shoot the messenger. I just want you to be more aware of what this journey will look like. Have some goals but also make sure they are realistic and that you are patient. You’re getting a new life chile. It’s gone take some time but the payout is worth it! And listen to me when I tell you,




What has been your weight loss journey experience!? What's the tea on the do's and don'ts? Share in the comments or on Instagram (Gutted_NThings).

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