That Thing-How to Keep Going

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Have you ever lost the passion and fire for something that used to be the reason you woke up? Sometimes, the grind to manifest our goals and dreams can be so intense that we almost, if we don’t completely, lose the fire for the things that used to keep us up at night. When we lose the flow or run into more obstacles than opportunities, its very easy to walk away and assume that it was not meant to be. BUT BEFORE YOU DO THAT, you must take a step back and assess some things. What made you lose the fire? Why did you lose the fire?  What have you tried to do to bring the fire back? Some things take time, patience and consistency to develop. During that process, you have to:

1) Ask yourself why and write it down. Ask things like: Why was I so passionate about that thing? Why have I lost that passion? Why was my passion in that thing so important to me? What will happen if I continue to pursue it  or not?

2) Find and keep friends who are encouragers and who will not let you wallow. Sometimes, self doubt can bring us all the way down. Sometimes it’s our expectations of how things are supposed to be or how quickly they should be happening that can make us feel like we are under-performing or working hard for no reason.

3) Take a break. Chile, we all get tihed! Sometimes, all we need to do is to walk away temporarily. Temporarily is key, though The goal is to ultimately come back to it! Go take a trip, see your favorite artist, disconnect from social media, paint, color, workout, whatever helps you to destress and take a break from it. During your break period, be sure to incorporate step one and evaluate the future of that thing.

4) Go back to that moment that first triggered that passion. What brought you there? How did you feel about ? How do you feel about it now? Why?

5) Experiment. Yes, taking risks and change are scary and a lot of times, require lots of work. I get it, we’d rather walk away and abandon something than to experiment and fail. But remember, failure is necessary in order to succeed. Value the journey of learning in your experimenting and look at those challenges as a strength training and endurance exercise. The more you work it out, the better, strong and more efficient you become! Before you drop that passion, all I want you to do is reevaluate all that is going on in your life at that moment, where you wish to be and where you came from. Hopefully, following these 5 steps will rekindle that flame for you to do some great things. Remember, these things take time. It may take a week, months or even years to rekindle that passion for something. Give yourself enough leeway and flexibility to grow that fire and jump back into the swing of things.

-Ya fee me!?

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