How to Keep Going- Part 2-Take a Break!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

In Part 1, we walked through the steps of rekindling a flame for your passion(s). Here, I want to emphasize one thing from that post: TAKE A BREAK CHILE!

Society has made us think that if we are sleep, we ain't getting money or that dreams are for those sleeping. Tell me this...where and how do you get and keep all of that energy if you aren't taking breaks to renew yourself and your passion in what you're working on!? I mean for real! think about it.

The President of the United States takes at least 4 breaks or vacations throughout the year. BEYONCE! Beyoncé SURELY takes breaks between her albums so she can continue to be inspired and deliver us that gold. YOU have sick days at work (I hope) to give you time off to gather yourself, too.

You need to take breaks fam. And don't let anyone try to shame you for taking a break! Trust me. You will make it to your ultimate goal if you allow yourself to breathe. In fact, that time off will reenergize you to produce even better work or think more clearly and creatively! Shoo, your best idea may come from a dream or in your idle time! Take that break!

Some of my favorite ways to take a break is:

  • Sleep all day and not leave the house. Chile, people can be so exhausting sometimes! And don't let me have a packed schedule with school and work all week. Chile, NO ONE will see me over the weekend! I need to decompress so I can deal with folk the next week.

  • Having dinner with a friend or family that I haven't seen in a while. Sometimes all you need is to be around someone or something familiar that makes you feel warm, safe and comfortable.

  • Social Media Shutdown. Y'all. I promise that if you don't look at Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook for a whole day, you won't miss out on much at all. Whether we realize it or not, SOCIAL MEDIA IS DRAINING!! So much shade, negativity, immaturity, fake news, fake lives, fake everything! It can definitely make you feel some type of way too, as if you're not progressing quickly enough, not cute enough, not smart enough, not hood enough, etc. You ARE enough and are the most! Just take a step away, back into the real world and notice/live in what is happening around you.

  • Chile treat yo self! Take that trip you wanted! Get that massage or mani/ped, go to that restaurant, see that concert, get that hair style! Make a day or weekend just for you! You can do it alone or with a friend. I like to treat myself alone! I try to dedicate at least one weekend a month to myself. I either take a trip( more so once or twice a year), get a massage, get my nails or hair done, turn off my phone or just stay in the house all weekend and eat/live how I want. Who gone check me!? When I tell you I come out of the weekend a new and improved person!!! TUH!! Treat yo self and yo self will treat you!

NOW, the key is not getting stuck there. During your break period, be sure to spend just a little time re-evaluating some things. Think some things through, plan for the future, evaluate some of your decision-making and goals. You know, get your life. BUT DON'T DO THIS THE WHOLE BREAK! Because again ,the point is to take a break. The ONLY reason I say to think some things through is to help you renew and rekindle your energy and passion for some things you are working on. Even with that, you got other days and times to do that. Right now, we are CHILLING!!!

So!! Talk to me! What are some ways you take a break!? How has that helped you!? Share your story with us!

-Ya fee me!?

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