How to Reclaim Your Sanity in a Crazy World

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

An update of the "That thing: How to Keep Going" and "How to Keep Going--Part 2" blog.

I bet you're also sick of these headlines too:

"Coronavirus is spreading faster than ever"
"[Insert State] has reported nearly 60,000+ new cases in the past 7 days and death rates amongst the younger generation soar"
"No arrests have been made in the murder of Breonna Taylor"
"[Insert crooked cop] has been released on bail for the murder of [Insert beautiful black life]
"Black social media mourns the loss of [Insert Black icons and legends]

..this, that and the third. And what's wild, these don't even scratch the surface of dreadful news we are bombarded with on the daily.

It makes sense you may be feeling down, hopeless, powerless or sad these days. With a lunatic administration, racism running rampant, and COVID claiming lives and restricting our opportunities to physically engage and embrace with our loved ones, it's quite easy to just give up, because where is the hope? When is the end of the storm?

Now, I'm not here to give any of those answers but know that you aren't the only one struggling right now and that there are things you can do to reclaim your peace and sanity even though the world is in a frenzy.

How to Refocus your Passions

In figuring out WTF is life and your motivation:

1) Identify your why and write it down. Why do you want to XYZ? Whatever your answer is to that, ask why again. Ask why to your answers at least 7 times to fully get to the root of what your passion is, why it is so important to you, why it helps you to keep going, and what it means for you if you continue to pursue it or not.

2) Find and keep friends who uplift and who will not let you wallow. Sometimes, self

doubt can bring us all the way down. Sometimes it’s our expectations of how things are supposed to be or how quickly they should be happening that can make us feel like we are under-performing or working hard for no reason. If COVID 19 aint taught us nothing else, it has shown us that

- we don't control shit

- and change is inevitable and can happen at the drop of a dime without any warning or consideration to anyone involved.

So build and maintain a team who embraces and pivots with change.

3) Take a break. Chile, we all get tihed! Sometimes, all we need to do is to walk away temporarily. Temporarily is key, though The goal is to ultimately come back to it! Now, I know we can't take trips or see our favorite artists and shit right now. Yes it sucks, but there are plenty of other things you can do to take a break. For example, disconnect from social media, paint, color, workout, learn a new recipe, do yoga, love on some pets do an in-home fashion show, play jacks, ANYTHING. Find healthy alternatives to help you to de-stress and take a break from it.

4) Experiment. Chile we aint got nothing but time and opportunity these days. Yes, taking risks and change are scary feats and a lot of times, require lots of work. I get it, we’d rather walk away and abandon something than to experiment and fail. But remember, failure is necessary in order to succeed. Value the journey of learning in your experimenting and look at those challenges as a strength training and endurance exercise. The more you work it out, the better, strong and more efficient you become! Plus experiments are just fun.

How to Take a Break

This is my favorite part. Set aside at least 2 days out of the week to try one or all of these sanity hacks:

  • Sleep all day and answer not nan text or DM. Chile, the innanet and the news, even other people are mad exhausting! Let folks know that on a certain day, you. do. not. exist. lol This day is for you to rest, not think and just enjoy stillness.

  • Set a 10 minute meditation or stretch session. Don't underestimate a good stretch and centering chile! When I tell you it makes all the difference in strengthening and improving your sanity, I mean it. Here's the proof. Maybe take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings while you're at it.

  • Stunt on yourself! Aint nothing like the feeling of a new hairdo, delicious meal, a mani and pedi or even a new outfit. It just puts you in a much better mood when you look good and feel good. It just does something to the soul and energizes you to keep going after your goals.

  • Media Shutdown. Y'all. I promise that if you don't look at Instagram, Snapchat Facebook or the news for a whole day, you won't miss out on much at all. Whether we realize it or not, THE MEDIA IS DRAINING!! So much shade, negativity, immaturity, fake news, fake lives, fake everything! It can definitely make you feel some type of way too, as if you're not progressing quickly enough, not cute enough, not smart enough, not hood enough, etc. You ARE enough and are the most! Just take a step away, back into the real world and notice/live in what is happening around you.

NOW, while you're enjoying your break, be sure to spend just a little time re-evaluating some things. Think some things through, plan for the future, evaluate some of your decision-making and goals. You know, get your life. BUT DON'T DO THIS THE WHOLE BREAK! Because again ,the point is to take a break. The ONLY reason I say to think some things through is to help you renew and rekindle your energy and passion for some things you are working on. Even with that, you got other days and times to do that. Right now, we are CHILLING!!!

So!! Talk to me! What are some ways you take a break!? How has that helped you!? Share your story with the Gutted Gang!

XOXO Chris

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